Who has picked up thors hammer

who has picked up thors hammer

Mjolnir itself has several enchantments: no living being may lift the hammer unless they . for androids, who are NOT alive, to be able to pick up Thor's hammer. Here, then, is a list of 15 characters who have lifted Thor's hammer. . and, while fighting with Thor, he picked up the god's hammer (after it had. Once you have the hammer, you are often granted various powers of . Thor was down for the count, so Cap picked up Mjolnir and persevered.

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On more than one occasion, Thor was brought down along with the hammer. There eventually comes to be only one Dark God who was imprisoned by Odin, and his name was Perrikus. During the battle, he became so annoyed with them all that he decided to just end the fight. Otherwise, we'll have to accept Rulk lifting the hammer as an actual feat. Rogue has also lifted it, but after absorbing Thor's powers. His ability to copycat any quality he came into contact with led to Awesome Andy being able to copy that specific quality that makes Thor who he is: Since then, this character has been a different somewhat ugly version of the Thor we know and love. who has picked up thors hammer

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We Don't Need a Shield Reunion. And of course, he talks. The villain dies, but despite being the God of Thunder, so does Thor. During one of the many times Thor was dead, Reed Richards, Tony Stark and Hank Pym actually a Skrull-Pym created a cyborg clone of Thor and used him to fight other superheroes, even killing Bill Foster, Giant-Man. At the end of The Ultimates 2 Thor proves his divinity and reclaims his Asgardian powers to defeat Loki. So it's a complete shock later in the film when Vision Paul Bettany effortlessly picks up Thor's hammer to hand it to the Asgardian God. He used this to "copy Thor's nobility" and thus, gave himself the ability to both use and wield Mjolnir. Options Wiki Arcs Characters Companies Concepts Episodes Issues Locations Movies People Series Teams Themes Things Volumes Editorial Articles Imagegalleries Podcasts Reviews Videos Community Users Check All Uncheck All Wiki Only. Captain America, worthy of Mjolnir! Did Steve Ditko Invent the Comic Book Corner Box? Journey into Mystery 83 August Art by Mike Deodato Jr. Rein feel free to check it. Mjolnir can be seen as one of the many treasures in the one-shot 'The Last Heist' that takes place in the " Tellos " universe.